The Year in Review: Our Top 50 Stories of 2020

A Year We Won't Soon Forget

We all will have memories of 2020 that will define the rest of our lives. We have so many stories to tell about our year it is baffling to think that everything we listed in our top 50 stories happened within 365 days. We had to adapt to a new digital reality after canceling many events at the motherhouse and Jubilee Farm. We continued to meet the needs of the community in new and expansive ways. The technology learning curve was challenging, but we found out that being present and keeping connections using video conference technology gave a sense of community that many people missed, even before the pandemic.

Your story of this unforgettable year is a part of our story, too, as we collectively lived as a digital community. We saw what you saw as we stayed inside to keep our community safe.

This year we saw protests around the county after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, the election of a new president after a tumultuous election, and the distressingly undemocratic attempts to circumvent the will of the voters by the incumbent. We witnessed the beginning of a global pandemic that will impact the trajectory of human history for years to come.

Take some time to peruse the list for some inspiration to share with your friends and family. Tell us which was your favorite story and what made it special in the comments on our website.

Keep washing your hands, wearing a mask in public, and reaching out to people in your neighborhoods and care facilities. Stay in touch with people you know who really need some encouragement to remember they are not alone. You are always in our prayers. Know when you walk with Jesus you will never walk in darkness and you will always have the light of life.

Our Top 50 Stories of 2020

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