SHG Graduate Calls
Black Life a Pro-Life Matter

Calls for Church to Work Toward Racial Justice

Loralean Jordan (SHA ’87) was raised in Springfield, Ill., on the fine parenting of Leroy and Johnetta Jordan and 12 years of Dominican education. She is firm in her Catholic faith and in her belief that it’s time for the institutional church to dedicate its zeal and resources to dismantling racism. It’s a pro-life issue, the Sacred Heart-Griffin graduate told AP reporter David Crary for a story that ran June 21.

“Black Lives Matter should be a pro-life issue, getting the same amount of resources and same amount of zeal as the pro-life movement,” she said.

A human resources professional based in Minneapolis, Loralean is an active member of St. Peter Claver Parish in St. Paul, Minn., and a national co-chair of the Dignity of Black Lives-Black Lives Matter subcommittee of the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver, a Catholic fraternal organization.

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Loralean is scheduled to be a panelist for Open Wide Our Hearts, The Catholic Church Confronts Racism. Then event is Wed., September 9. You can participate free of charge. Learn more or register here:


Father Erich Rutten

Pastor, St. Peter Claver, St. Paul, Minn.

"God watches over Black lives the same as every other. That is why we can say without equivocation that Black lives matter.”


Loralean Jordan

Subcommittee on the Dignity of Black Lives
Knights & Ladies of Peter Claver

“Black Lives Matter should be a pro-life issue, getting the same amount of resources and same amount of zeal as the pro-life movement."

“Individuals in the Church are acting. We’ve had all the bishops’ statements,” she said in a recent phone conversation. “Now it’s time for the institutional church to take action.”

In the article, Loralean says the bishops could make a good start by requiring priests to preach on racial justice for the feast day of St. Peter Claver, Sept. 9. Claver was a 17th century Spanish Jesuit who dedicated his life to African slaves in South America. He is the patron of interracial justice.

Curious about how her parents would react to Loralean’s statement, I reached her mom Johnetta while she was running errands with her husband Leroy. Both are Springfield Dominican Associates and founding members of SDART, the Springfield Dominican Antiracism team.

Johnetta Jordan at SDART meeting.

Johnetta was full of praise for her daughter’s comments. “I like what she said, and I agree with what she said. Groups and individuals within churches are doing something about racism. But the churches as institutions, whether we are talking about the Catholic Church or the United Church of Christ or any other church, are largely leaving the issue untouched on an institutional level,” Johnetta said.

For decades most mainline churches have taught people the principle of social justice—“The principles Jesus died for,” Johnetta explained. “They know what needs to be done.”

Loralean’s chapter of the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver at her parish is actively involved in matters of racial justice. She said she feels blessed by the solidarity, within the predominantly Black parish, by their white pastor, Father Erich Rutten.

I told Loralean I started following the parish Facebook page the week of George Floyd’s murder because I knew it would add valuable context for my understanding. “Don’t miss Father Erich’s Sunday homily,” she said.

In his homily for Sunday Jun 21 I discovered a clear message. “The good news this morning is that your life matters. God watches over Black lives the same as every other. That is why we can say without equivocation that Black lives matter.” The pastor preached on June 21.

Learn more about the Springfield Dominican commitment to antiracism here.

3 thoughts on “SHG Graduate Calls<br>Black Life a Pro-Life Matter”

  1. Fr Rutten’s homily on 6/21 was comforting and inspiring. It is a call to peace, trust, & personal action. How wonderful if all the clergy voices in churches would send this message & all of us laity could open our ears to hear the word & carry it out into our world’s.

    1. Sister Elizabeth Murphy
      Sister Beth Murphy, OP

      Thanks for your comment, Nancy. What do you think about Loralean’s idea that homilies about racism be preached in every parish on the feast of Peter Claver?

  2. Howard Derrick

    God bless you Loralean. Working with your parents, Leroy and Johnetta Jordan, for over 15 years a Christian, well educated and knowledgeable daughter like you does not surprise me at all. Your profound statement: ” Black Life is a Pro Life Matter”, is a statement I heard in a dream. God bless you and may God continue his blessings of Anti-Racism teaching in the Catholic community.

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