Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Sometimes called spiritual guidance or spiritual mentoring, spiritual direction is about walking on the holy ground of our lives through all our relationships, joys, and struggles. It is about allowing God to meet us where we are and transform our lives.


How does spiritual direction work?

You may find spiritual direction in your life already. When you have a deep meaningful conversation with a dear friend, spouse, or loved one, you are allowing yourself to be found by God in that moment.

Those who are ready to engage the holy within themselves in a more deliberate way often choose to seek direction from someone who is trained to walk with others on their spiritual journeys. The experience of spiritual direction can help integrate the many facets of your life and create a deeper self-knowledge and a more mature relationship with God.

Spiritual direction is a process of personal growth that takes place in confidential one-to-one conversations. It is not therapy or counseling, but a way to reflect on your gifts and God's love for you.

Are you ready to... Deepen your relationship with God? Discern an important life-choice? Find a path through a crisis of faith? Fulfill a hunger for purpose?

 Choosing a Spiritual Director

The Springfield Dominican Sisters offering spiritual direction through this webpage are trained and certified in their ministry. You can begin by inviting ore or more of them into a conversation to determine if they are a good fit for your needs.

Spiritual direction is a professional service by trained ministers who may request a fee or donation. Each of these spiritual directors will discuss that with you individually.

 Your choice of a director is highly personal and needs to be a good fit for you. This article may help you to learn more about what to consider when selecting a spiritual director.

Meet Our Spiritual Directors

Theologian, pastoral minister, lover of elephants.
Retreat director, weaver,
culinary artist.
Pastoral minister, spiritual guide, plant whisperer.
Teaching educator, writer,
nature lover
Pastoral minister, spiritual director, lover of nature.
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