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Discern God’s Call

Stop the World I want to get off!

Do you ever feel that way? Especially now?  It seems the news becomes more dire from day to day. Wars. Famine and genocide. Global injustice. Rampant institutional corruption. 65 million people—a whole country-ful—on the move, seeking human rights and safety for the children.

It can feel paralyzing. It doesn’t have to be, though!

There is hope.

You have a role to play! God is calling you. You have a vocation (vocare—to call). You have a purpose for being.

It’s possible that God is calling you to be the hands and feet of Christ as a member of the Order of Preachers.

Are you ready to explore the possibility?

We believe the preaching mission of Jesus is just as necessary—and just as inspiring today—as it was for St. Dominic de Guzman and his sisters and brothers in the Order of Preachers 800 years ago.

Where is God in all this?

The preachers, pastoral leaders, educators, and artists of the 13th century labored, as we do now, to integrate their experience of God with waves of scientific discovery and technological innovation that challenged centuries-old theological and cultural certainties. People were on the move, emigrating in surges that overwhelmed the cities with diverse people and new cultural expectations.

An anchor in the chaos

For Dominicans, that anchor is our consecration to God lived through community, prayer, and study—all for the sake of the preaching of the Gospel.

The deep well of tradition

In this century, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield draw deeply on the Dominican traditions of communal living, sung common prayer and liturgy, and solidarity with the poor and those on the margins. We collaborate with all who wish to dismantle systems of oppression by working for systems that promote life.

A source of hope for the future

Wherever our sisters minister—whatever our daily work is—we share the same commitment to promoting human dignity through teaching and preaching, accompaniment and solidarity, caring for creation, and dismantling institutional racism.

You are welcome!

Please take your time exploring these pages and others on our website to learn about who we are and what we are about. When you are ready to talk, we’re ready, too!

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