The Sisters from OLG: Where are they now?

Curious about the sisters who taught you?

Lots of memories and stories float around the community from places we’ve served a very long time, like at Our Lady of Grace Parish in Chicago where we’ve served happily for 100 years.

Here’s a gift to our friends at OLG: We’ve rounded up a few of your former teachers and principals and invited them to share their memories of life at the intersection of Ridgeway and Altgeld. Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

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Sister M. Megan Farrelly, OP

Junior High, 1987-1991

FarrellyThen: I had 4 lovely years at OLG!  The people were so warm.  I have a fond memory of Cardinal Bernardin visiting our classroom with some of the Big Shoulder benefactors.  Twice a week the 7th and 8th grade teachers accompanied the 7th and 8th graders to Koziesco Park (1/2  mile away) for PE–Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.  Some of my math students participated in math contests at the area high schools and were happy to celebrate their victories!  I also happily recall preparing music for the monthly family Masses and for the parish anniversary celebration where a large choir of students sang in English, Spanish, and Polish.

Now: Assistant Principal and curriculum director, IC Catholic Prep, Elmhurst, Ill.

Bernet, Regina Marie_GSSister Regina Marie Bernet, OP

Kindergarten, first and second grade 1966-1960

Then: It’s been a long journey from teaching first grade at OLG to what I am doing now! I was a brand new sisters and teacher. Back then we had reading groups sitting on the floor in front of a room full of 60 children and I had to brush chalk from my black veil as we left school. Now I offer art therapy classes and spiritual direction in central Illinois prisons.

Now: Volunteer ministry to prisoners, on-going education for the sisters at Sacred Heart Convent.

Dickey Susan Karina Favorite picturesSister Susan Karina Dickey

From 1997 to 1999 Sister Susan Karina taught at Barat College and DePaul University, lived at OLG convent, and participated in parish life.

Then: I loved playing with the coro at the Spanish mass. I met so many wonderful faith-filled people.

Now: Vice-president, Mission Integration, St. Dominic Health Services, Jackson, Mississippi.

Joerger, Concepta 2014Sister Concepta Joerger

First grade, 1955-1957; Second grade 1959-1963

Then: Lots of good memories! I loved teaching the second-graders and preparing them for First Communion. I had 60 children in my classroom! I remember the wonderful support those kids’ parents gave me.

Now: Helping at Sacred Heart Convent.

GSW_Koch-Marcelline_GS-214x300Sister Marcelline Koch

Principal 1978-1984

Then: I have such fond memories of OLG, which was my introduction to Chicago. There was the wonderful, diverse student body; the many parents and parishioners who volunteered and helped the school to thrive; and working with Deacons Drinan and Kwasigroch to provide spiritual and educational programs. I remember fondly my secretary Arlene Kochan, Andy Grabowski in the library, the faculty that pulled together for the students, singing with the guitar group, walking with the students in the parade on Fullerton and so much more!

Now: Justice Promoter and co-chair of the Springfield Dominican Anti-racism team.

Roetker, Melanie_GSSister Melanie Roetker

Fourth grade, 1969-1970

Then: I have fond memories of my days at Our Lady of Grace, including the sisters I lived with and teaching 4th grade and watching the students “perk-up” when they heard the music from Sister Ann’s 3rd grade classroom…they were dancing!

Now: Spiritual Direction and retreat ministry, Sacred Heart Convent, Springfield, Illinois.

Wolf, Helen_GSSister Helen Wolf, OP

Grades seven and eight, 1953-1956

Then: I found the students to be well behaved and mostly eager to learn which was a relief since I had about sixty students each year! The year that I had 7th grade, our three classes put on a play entitled “Our Lady of Fatima” with Sr. M. Lourdine as director.

Now: Helping at Sacred Heart Convent.

2 thoughts on “The Sisters from OLG: Where are they now?”

  1. Hello!

    Was just walking by the school since I happen to be in the neighborhood. So all the OLG sisters have been moved out of their convent? Is Sister Joanne Marie there? She taught me history and still love history to this day because of her. Please relay the message and thank you!

    1. Sister Elizabeth Murphy
      Sister Beth Murphy, OP

      Alana, we left Our Lady of Grace some years ago. The sisters who served there are serving elsewhere now. We will be sure to pass your kind memories along to Sister Joanne Marie.

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