2023 Spring Appeal

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Anna needed a way out.

Still a minor when she fled Honduras with two children in tow, she was desperate to put as much daylight between her family and the drug cartels as she could. Her claim to asylum in the U.S. was valid, and recognized as such by the U.S. Government. But once she turned 18, there was no longer a place for Anna in government housing programs. This was a moment of maximum danger for Anna and other young asylum seekers like her. Aging out of the system can mean life on the streets, illness, malnutrition—worse.

Anna was lucky. She found her way to Bethany House of Hospitality in Chicago, where our Sister Kathlyn Mulcahy is executive director. There, Sister Kathlyn and the staff provided safe harbor for Anna and her children: food, shelter, access to legal support and medical care, bus pass, ESL and GED classes—everything she would need to succeed. Anna’s friend Winny put it this way: “Being here [at Bethany House] allowed me to dream again and explore possibilities.” Isn’t this why you give to our mission? Helping others dream again? Giving a boost out for those caught in the middle of impossible situations?

This kind of response to the Gospel is the heart of our social justice efforts. Because we tithe on our income every year in support of places like Bethany House, a gift from you to the Dominican Sisters helps us care for our own AND make a Gospel response to the needs of vulnerable people like Anna and her children.

Will you be helpful, too?

Your donation will:

  • Create positive change for people caught in the middle;
  • Support grants that help families like Anna’s grow toward self-sufficiency;
  • Enable us to support our sisters like Sister Kathlyn whose ministries take them to the margins of society.

Thank you in advance for your support for these efforts. God Bless!



“Our call is to follow the Gospel”

As president of the board of Bethany House of Hospitality, Joliet Franciscan Sister Dolores Zemont has her priorities straight. “Our call is to follow the Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ that calls us to not only notice but to ‘be there’ for the underserved, for the poor, for those who have no place else …

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The Viatorians’ Testimony: Collaboration for Mission Side-by-Side for 100+ Years

These two Clerics of St. Viator—Brother Michael Gosch and Father Corey Brost—are well known to many of our sisters who’ve worked beside them throughout the years in their roles as educators, vocation ministers, and now, as advocates for the safety, dignity, and well-being of women and men legally seeking asylum in the United States. “We …

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Informed and thoughtful advocacy

Throughout her many decades as a promoter of social justice, Sister Marcelline has advocated for immigration justice that recognizes the complexities of the challenge and focuses on creating a just and humane immigration system that protects U.S. borders and defends the human rights and dignity of the children, women, and men seeking safety in the …

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We do a great job together

Sister Stella continues her studies in pastoral ministry as she works alongside Sister Kathlyn Mulcahy to welcome and support women in the legal asylum process. Listen as Sister Stella tells us how Bethany House offers support services to young immigrant women. Learn more about their work, or make a gift in support of this and …

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You make it possible

This is Sister Kathlyn’s dream job, she told a friend. “This” being her role as executive director of Bethany House, a collaborative ministry of women religious in Illinois to welcome young women and children legally seeking asylum in the U.S. Listen as Sister Kathlyn shares her mission. You can learn more about the ministry you …

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A Tribute to Sister Doris Taylor, OP

My aunt and one of my heroes was a Springfield Dominican who spent many years serving the poor in Peru. After she returned to the United States she opened my eyes to the dedication Springfield the sisters had for social justice. Although my aunt is gone, we still are happy to support the Dominican Sisters …

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150th Anniversary Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors Your generosity makes possible a joyful celebration of 150 years of mission for the life of the world You can give a shout out to our sponsors by leaving a comment below, or following their logos to their websites. Thanks! Platinum Gold Silver

Illinois’ Catholic sisters launch campaign to “Refuse to Use” single-use plastic beverage bottles

Twenty-three congregations of Catholic sisters serving in Illinois will observe Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, with a challenge: do not consume beverages from single-use plastic bottles. “We are taking advantage of the annual observance of Catholic Sisters Week to educate, inform, and act to end plastic waste through a Refuse to Use campaign,” said Sister …

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150th Anniversary Prayers

Please join us in prayer! Each month, we’ll post a prayer written by our sisters for use on the 19th (Because it was August 19, 1873 when our mission For the Life of the World began in Jacksonville, Ill.) Each prayer focuses on a unique expression of our preaching ministry. You are invited to print …

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Social Justice Mission Stories

Week One A Tribute to Sister Doris Taylor, OP:  Meet Becky Siscoe 

Week Two: You make it possible

Week Three: We do a great job together

Week Four: Informed and thoughtful advocacy

Week Five: Collaboration for Mission Side-by-Side for 100+ Years

Week Six: “Our call is to follow the Gospel”


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