World Kindness Day 2020

World Kindness Day


2020 might be the year we need World Kindness Day the most.

World Kindness Day began after the founding of the World Kindness Movement in 1997. The World Kindness Movement was recognized as a non-governmental organization in 2019. The main goal and hope, according to organizers, was to create a unifying global awareness of the importance of kindness to the life and health of peoples everywhere. 
According to the World Kindness Movement mission statement, the sole purpose of this day is “to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.” It’s a day to learn, teach, and share kindness with others.

It's easy to stay self-focused and forget to think about the needs of others. However, doing something good for others can also be good for you. It can be fun to plan ways to be kind, and to watch others appreciate what you do. Check out the video below for a few ideas for this year's World Kindness Day.

It is worthwhile, at least once a year, to celebrate the benefits we derive from human kindness. World Kindness Day reminds us that we aren’t alone, others are kind and care for us, and we live in a world where plenty of good exists. 

There are many creative ways to express kindness that cost nothing but your time. However you decide to celebrate, just remember the best thing about World Kindness Day is that you are contributing to creating a kinder world!

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