Living Hope Testimonial: Using Our Talents for Good

Living Hope Testimonials about the impact Sister Regina Marie had on her students have been coming in over the past few weeks and we're beyond excited to share them with you! This week's comes from Sherry Ungaschick.

Want to read more about how Sister Regina is a sign Living Hope for all she touched? Head over to our the Living Hope page to read more of her incredible story.

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"No matter what kind of day you were having, it always got better when you walked into [Sister Regina Marie's] classroom." -Sherry Paul Ungashick, Class of '86

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I took art all four years of high school with Sister Regina Marie and achieved the Golden Palette Award. She was my favorite teacher at Sacred Heart Academy. She was always happy and welcoming. She encouraged her students and would find something positive about their artwork even when they thought it wasn’t great. I learned that art could be used to make others happy. 

I see the theme is “Living Hope.”  It made me think of this photo (above) that was taken my senior year and published on the front page of the State Journal-Register.  I remember the great feeling I had that day being able to give love and hope to these kids. I wasn’t always the best artist, but In the eyes of these kids…I was!

I thank Sister Regina Marie Bernet for teaching us to use our talents for good.

Later in my life, I had a photography business for about 8 years. I loved taking family photos the most! It was not just posing and lighting, but making them feel comfortable and enjoying this time.

Families were everything! I learned about Heart Galleries, where photographers would take portraits of kids in the Foster Care System. These portraits were beautifully framed and shown in galleries at churches around the city. It was a way for people to see the children and possibly look into adoption. I participated in this for several years and loved making these kids feel beautiful and special. I was thrilled when one of the kids I took photos of found her forever family! 

I hope that Sister Regina Marie knows that she touched many lives, not only in art, but in the way she treated people. 

Sherry Paul Ungashick

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