What is Cor Unum?

Do you ever find yourself filled with questions about institutional religion—and at the same time curious about God, prayer, faith, and the seemingly endless traditional expressions of faith that seem mysterious to you?

Do you yearn for “the more” of life—meaning, purpose, a desire to transform the world—and wonder how you get there?

Then this new and exciting project may be just the thing for you!

Cor Unum is a new Springfield Dominican ministry, The Latin phrase Cor Unum, meaning One Heart,” was chosen with the unique needs of young adult women in mind.

“Young women tell us they want a community of friends with whom they can grow personally and spiritually, and make a difference in the world,” said Sister Lori Kirchman, one of three sisters who anchora the new ministry. “Cor Unum is a signal of our aspiration for mutuality among women who want to explore the connection between their own spiritual growth and a more just and peaceful civil society.”

“This is exciting new territory for us,” said Sister Mary Clare Fichtner, an octogenarian who is passionate about beginning this new ministry. “It wouldn’t happen without friends and benefactors who believe in the promise of young people to transform the world.”

Those friends include Fletcher Farrar, president of Old Neighborhood Rehab, Inc. The nonprofit’s mission is to make Enos Park a livable and welcoming place by rescuing old buildings and creating a neighborly space. “This aligns well with the Springfield Dominican commitment to seeking right relationship and sharing the Gospel of compassion,” said Sister Beth Murphy, the third member of Cor Unum-One Heart’s core community. “Fletcher’s generosity and vision is at the heart of our new ministry.”

Learn more!Are you ready to change your life and change the world? You can help build this new exciting ministry for young adult women in Springfield. Contact us for more information. Click calendar agenda for at-a-glance events.

Cor Unum is for you!

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Grow something new for women!

Woman ages 18-35 with a sense of adventure, creative energy, a passion to change the world, or big dose of curiosity are welcome.

Contact us through the form below or call 217-787-0481.

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The Cor Unum Team

the Cor Unum team

Sister Mary Clare Fichtner, Sister Lori Kirchman, and Sister Beth Murphy have been missioned by their Dominican community to this exciting new Springfield Dominican mission. Want to know more?