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Have questions?

Do you have questions about institutional religion?

Are you curious about God, prayer, or faith?

Do traditional expressions of faith puzzle or mystify you?

Are you looking for more—meaning, purpose, transformative power—and wondering how to get there?

Then Cor Unum may be able to help. Learn more here.

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Cor Unum House

Friends of Cor Unum thank you dinner

Located at 925 North Fifth Street in historic Enos Park, Springfield, Illinois, Cor Unum House is where Sisters Lori, Beth, and Mary Clare live—and where they are ready to welcome three additional residents who want to experience community and facilitate that for a larger circle of friends who are seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.


It's Happening!

Sisters Lori, Mary Clare, and Beth have moved into Cor Unum House in the Enos Park Neighborhood of Springfield.

Young women looking for a meaningful experience of community and service can sign up now to get connected to real friends and global engagement. We want to hear from you. Welcome to Cor Unum!

See the house built of generosity and hope!

We thought it couldn't happen.

The dream of opening a new ministry for and with young adult women was dashed when the building we hoped to use was suddenly unavailable to us.

Seemingly, it was all over. Until it wasn't!

See what happens when dreams—God's dream and our dream—flow together. Enjoy this gallery of photos about Cor Unum House—being built of generosity and hope!

“The Christian of today must gather from the body all the spiritual power it contains…this means to live from the center of the heart where love grows and to reach out to the world with faith, hope, and trust in God’s incarnate presence.”             

 –Sister Ilia Delio, OSF

 What is Cor Unum?


Cor Unum is a ministry

of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield to encourage and support young adult women who want ot deepen their spiritual lives, be of service, and make change for a better world.

The Latin phrase Cor Unum, meaning One Heart,” was chosen with the unique needs of young adult women in mind.

  • Do you ever find yourself filled with questions about institutional religion?
  • Are you curious about God, prayer, or faith?
  • Do traditional expressions of faith puzzle or mystify you?
  • Are you looking for more—meaning, purpose, transformative power—and wonder how you get there?

Then this new and exciting project may be just the thing for you! Learn more here.

Dynamic Community

The Cor Unum Team

Rocio Hurtado, top right, at her home with the sisters

Sister Mary Clare Fichtner, Sister Lori Kirchman, and Sister Beth Murphy have been missioned by their Dominican community to this exciting new Springfield Dominican mission. Want to know more?

Cor Unum is for you!

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Grow something new for women!

Woman ages 18-35 with a sense of adventure, creative energy, a passion to change the world, or big dose of curiosity are welcome.

Contact us through the form below or call 217-787-0481.

What's New

Dominican Sisters: Building Relationships in a Disconnected World

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In preparation for our upcoming General Chapter, we invited some of our sisters, friends, and associates to talk about how they see the sisters following the Spirit’s lead into the future. […]

Why Care about the Sisters’ Prayer?

By Sister Beth Murphy, OP | September 6, 2018

Dominican Sisters Welcome the Public for Solemn Evening Prayer October 7 Like all Catholic sisters around the world, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield gather at least twice a day for Liturgy […]

Dominican Sisters Launch Ministry of Mutual Support for Women

By Sister Beth Murphy, OP | May 30, 2018

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Discover Your Life’s Mission with a “Come and See” Weekend

Register Now! Catholic women 18-35 are welcome to explore their life’s mission with the Dominican Sisters during the next “Come and See” weekend, Jan 31-Feb. 2, 2020, at Sacred Heart Convent, 1237 W. Monroe St., Springfield, IL 62704. The all-expense-paid weekend (exclusive of travel) begins 7:00 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31 and concludes at Noon Sunday, […]

Solidarity in Mississippi

About the photo: Sister Georgiana Stubner, center, and Sister Anita Cleary, right, visit after the prayer vigil in Forest, Miss., Saturday, August 17. Sister Mila Diaz Solano, a member of the Springfield Dominican Leadership team, organized a delegation of Springfield Dominican Sisters who traveled to Mississippi over the weekend to be in solidarity with the […]

Sister Lori’s Seven Prayer Pointers

Download the PDF. Think you don’t have time to pray? Think again! Cor Unum team member Sister Lori Kirchman shares seven prayer practices you can use in the time you have. Have a minute? Unplug and breath. Five minutes? Read and reflect. Dashing from the car to classroom? Make it a walking meditation. Don’t tell […]
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