The Blessings of 2020: Sister Kathleen Anne Tait Looks Back—and Forward

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This article was originally published in the Winter 2020-2021 Edition of JUST Words.

January is a month to reflect back and look forward. Far from pulling us in opposite directions, this two-way vision provides a valuable perspective on the experience we are now enduring.

Much to my delight, my reflection has revealed three precious gifts that came our way in 2020.

Dedication. Throughout this pandemic our coworkers at Sacred Heart Convent have repeatedly illustrated their dedication to our mission. Their daily efforts to keep our sisters safe have been extraordinary. This is a stressful time for front line workers. In spite of the challenge, our sisters have continued to receive compassionate nursing care and nourishing food in a home that is carefully cleaned and disinfected and kept in serviceable repair. Our technology and communications teams have met the challenge of increased demands of online communications. All our coworkers’ dedication has been gift to us!

Prayerful Companionship. For the past eight months, our associates have stayed away from Sacred Heart Convent in order to safeguard our vulnerable sisters. Yet we know they are praying for us and serving, each in his or her own capacity, to further the Dominican mission. Our collaborative fulfillment of God’s mission continues through virtual meetings. Personal commitments to Dominican service are bright lights of hope and promise.

Loyalty. Each of you, our Partners in Mission, values the relationships you have nurtured with our sisters. You might be a former student or coworker, a treasured family member, or a companion in our commitment to gospel values. In each case, your phone calls, cards, emails, and prayers for our mission and our wellbeing are a treasure. Your loyalty sustains us!

Dedication, prayerful companionship, and loyalty are at the heart of our relationships with one another, with those we serve, and with you. It is through these things that we experience the love of God. It is from that solid foundation that the goals of Mission Advancement are strengthened. The generosity that flows from our relationship with you is deeply appreciated and needed. Thank you! We look forward to a time in 2021 when we will be able to meet joyfully, face-to-face.


Sister Kathleen Anne Tait, OP

2 thoughts on “The Blessings of 2020: Sister Kathleen Anne Tait Looks Back—and Forward”

  1. Thank you for witnessing to lessons learned throughout the pandemic thus far. You have cited examples of people who have made a conscious decision to live a Christocentric life despite weariness and fear. You encourage me to keep on keeping on as well!

  2. No thank you is required. You are awesome women of God and you are doing what you were called to do and we are doing what God has called us to do and that is to support you. Anyway your welcome and thank you all for letting me a part of the Dominican associate family. Love you all. Teresa Bennett

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