Sister Margaret Ann Cox, OP (Sister Mary Clyde)

This Jacksonville, Ill., native loves France just about as much as she loved her lifetime of ministry teaching religious education, theology, and the French language. Her early years of ministry (1961-1968) were spent in the Hillsboro Religious Education Center, where she and other sisters traveled from one country parish to another providing weekly religious education for Catholic children who attended public schools.

After completing a degree in French, Sister Margaret Ann taught French and theology at Sacred Heart Academy (1968-1971), then added Latin to her repertoire at Marian Catholic High School, Chicago Heights (1971-1979) before returning to central Illinois where she dedicated the rest of her teaching years, once again, to theology and French language studies at Sacred Heart Academy/Sacred Heart-Griffin (1979-2001). She delighted in introducing her high school students to the beauty of Europe and led many student tour groups to France and other European countries throughout her decades of teaching.

After a period of providing family care she became archivist assistant at Sacred Heart Convent, eventually taking on roles as administrative assistant for congregational leaders. Though no longer filling those roles, she is still an active member of the Sacred Heart Convent community, where she shares her talents generously with the community. Félicitations et bénédictions Soeur Margaret Ann!

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