Relationships that Matter: Sister Cecilianne Duello was always a part of my life

By Carolyn White

God placed Sister Cecilianne Duello in my life in such a subtle way that I cannot remember the first time I met her…it just seems like she was always a part of my life.

As I reflect on the blessing of her presence in my life, I’m in awe of God’s amazing Grace that placed her in Jacksonville. Those of us who knew her will never be the same, thankfully….we lived a real-life version of “Touched by an Angel.”

If Sister Cecilianne needed something done, she had such a way about her that it just got done. And if she needed me to do it, I couldn’t say no because she would always say that she had been praying about it and I was the person that God asked her to call for this particular project. If my caller ID said “Sister Cecilianne,” I knew I had better clear my calendar!

My first big project with her was taking over the Safe Environment Program when her health started failing. She also asked my husband Paul and me to help with the Pre-Cana marriage preparation, a ministry we enjoyed fully.

I was part of a Quincy Cursillo reunion group and Sister Cecilianne joined our group. She always made us feel loved and at peace with our lives. I could never have imagined what a difference one person could make in my life. I’m so thankful she answered the call to serve God.

As I told you, dear Sister Cecilianne, when I kissed your cheek and left your bedside on your last day on earth, “I will see you in Heaven.”

Carolyn is a Springfield Dominican Associate and a member of the JUST Words Editorial Board. She lives in St. Peter, Mo.

3 thoughts on “Relationships that Matter: Sister Cecilianne Duello was always a part of my life”

  1. Loved my sweet Aunt. Sister Sister we called her. I remember taking a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with her while I was growing up. She is/was will be always be someone very special.

  2. We named our second child after my aunt, Abigail Cecilianne Duello. She is now 6 and can now pronounce her middle name!

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