“People are Frightened for their Children”

An NPR Illinois Interview with Sister Marcelline Koch.

Dominican Sisters Anita Cleary (far left), and Sister Marcelline Koch (center), outside a food tent with friends Julie Wullner, Kathryn Raistrick (on Sister Marcelline's right) and fellow volunteer Sister Betty Baker, CND (next to Sister Anita).

Sister Marcelline Koch, standing center, above, invites US citizens to do two things when it comes to grasping what's happening at the US-Mexico border:

  1. See the immigrants as people who are frightened for their children.
  2. Do the analysis necessary to understand why mothers and fathers are compelled to flee their homes with their children.

Listen to this interview Sister Marcelline gave to NPR Illinois reporter Daisy Contreras last week from a hotel in El Paso Texas where she, Sister Anita Cleary and two of their colleagues assisted families in the process of seeking asylum.

Read this New York Times article to learn more.

Learn more about the causes of the current border tensions here.

How to Help

Three organizations doing good work.

Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas, where our sisters volunteers earlier in November,  is coordinating first aid, food, clothing, and temporary shelter for families there. You can donate to them at this link.

In San Diego, donations may be made to the Catholic Charities Travel Assistance Fund or to San Diego Rapid Response

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