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A message from Sister Kathleen Anne Tait regarding the global coronavirus pandemic and the wellbeing of our sisters.

For now, all our sisters are free of Coronavirus. No Springfield Dominican sister in the U.S. or in Peru has yet reported symptoms. We hope that you and yours are also faring well at this unprecedented time. Follow updates about our sisters' health and our response to the crisis here.

This month is one of three times a year we ask our friends to support our response to God's mission with a gift. I know that you may have been—as we have been—adversely impacted by the economic volatility affecting the world financial markets.

If it is possible for you to make a donation, we will humbly and gratefully receive it. If it is not possible for you at this time, please know your prayer and friendship mean Immeasurably more to us than your ability to contribute. Please look after your needs and stay healthy and safe!

You are invited to Join the Mission!

Experience Sister Mary Paul McCaughey's impact on the  mission. Then...

Deepen that impact with a gift today!

What we do

Our sisters make the world a better place every day by bringing God's healing, creative, and inspiring Word wherever they go: into schools and parishes, counseling centers, hospitals, and city streets. Follow the links to learn more.

Join our mission to:

Episode Four:
“Responding to “the ache”

In which Sister Mary Paul allows a need to change the course of her life “I had an opportunity to become a clinical psychologist,” says Sister Mary Paul McCaughey. “I was really almost ready to make that jump, when I was called to become a ...
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Episode Three:
“You were a safe place”

In which a veteran educator makes a difference in the lives of future leaders. After three years teaching 7th graders at Holy Angels School in Aurora, Ill., Sister Mary Paul moved a few miles west to Rosary High school to teach religion at the all-girls ...
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Video: “The Ark”

Never doubt the difference one person can make in the life of a teenager! Listen in as some of Sister Mary Paul's former colleagues and students tell stories about her impact on their lives. I'm ready to make a gift to the Dominican Sisters
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Episode Two: “Not a terrific 7th grade teacher”

In which a young teacher learns and grows Young Sister Mary Paul McCaughey may have thought she had this teaching thing down pat... though she never says this directly. She was fresh off her big success with the fifth graders at St. Dominic School in ...
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Episode One: Loving God,
Radical Response

In which a 17-year-old makes a radical response to God’s call. “I didn’t really decide to be a sister,” Sister Mary Paul McCaughey says. “I was just called to be a sister.” Like many teens who struggled with identity and purpose, as a high school ...
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VIDEO: Sister Mary Paul’s Call Story

Don't miss this beautiful story about Sister Mary Paul McCaughey's early life. Click image below to watch. Learn more about Sister Mary Paul...
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“Day after day, Sr. Mary Paul brings positive energy to the halls of the College of Education and has always been willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of our students.”  —Alyssa Hepker, DePaul University

Wisdom from Our Donors

I think of money as energy. It has to circulate, it has to go out there. Whatever you put out comes back to you. The more you give the more you receive. It is how life functions, how the universe functions, and I have to live that.

— Nancy Rita Kaz

“It gives me joy to be able to help care for the sisters who gave me so much during my growing-up years.”

— Frank Ramirez

“The sisters have journeyed with me in life. I want to help continue their good works. I also hope to leave my children with a legacy of gratitude so they may grow in generosity.”

— Nancy Armstrong

“The good work of the church was mostly done by the women of the church. I own my faith today to the sisters who provided me with that early faith formation.”

— Mark Quinn

Sister Michaela Collins, OP

Thank you for your generosity and encouragement!

We pray for you every day.

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