The Four Dominican Pillars: A View from Sister Kelly’s Seat


"Dominicans talk a lot about "the four pillars" of our lives: Prayer. Study. Preaching. Common life. Here's how Sister Kelly Moline, the newest member of our congregation, has come to think about them.


"Prayer is what grounds me.  During my time of formation I experienced many different local communities and ministries. I lived in different regions of the US and the world. Without the intimate time I spent with God AND the prayers of my sisters I think my experiences would have been very different."


"I love to quote my formation director. Sister Joye Gros, who is the co-director of the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate in St. Louis, was famous for repeating 'we study for the sake of transformation.' I think she was right!"


“So much of preaching [bringing the Gospel to life in the world] is relational. Sometimes preaching is as simple as allowing someone else to be heard.”

Common Life

"Community, or common life, is about being who you are and being ok with that!  Community has allowed me to develop this recognition, and has led to a deep sense of knowing that I belong in religious life, and in religious life as a Dominican Sister of Springfield.  I have experienced community as a way to pray, play, and serve God TOGETHER in a way that just fills me with life!"

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