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Stories from students of the Dominican Sisters

Who says laughing isn’t contagious?

Whether it's a small chuckle or a laugh that brings tears to the eyes, the memories of laughter we keep deep in our hearts can last a lifetime.

For those who were taught by Dominican Sisters some memories are cherished.

Former student Joseph shares a story about Sister Mary Brendan who taught third grade at St. Lawrence O'Toole in Matteson, Illinois during the late 60's.

He recalls Sister Mary Brendan was all about learning in her classroom and did not tolerate disruptive behavior.

“The one memory that stands out from those days is a time when my friend Frank and I were joking and laughing during class. She brought us up to stand in front of the whole class and asked us why we were so disruptive and couldn't behave like all the other children?” wrote Joseph.

"We were very quiet and didn't know what to say," he continued.

"Well?" Sister Mary Brendan asked.

“I looked over at Frank who was doing his best to keep from busting out laughing, and then I started laughing which started Frank laughing which prompted Sister Mary Brendan to start laughing and soon the whole class was laughing!”

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