Connie Lind: Sisters Make a Difference

Imagine the challenge for a thirteen-year-old: Connie Hannagan arrived at Sacred Heart Academy decades ago, floundering under a burden of family difficulties that sent her to boarding school. Sister Maria Eck provided the firm foundation she needed to thrive.

Fifty years later, Connie Hannagan-Lind arrived in Springfield looking for the teacher who was her rock. Their emotional reunion prompted Connie to tell Sister Maria “I was only good because I wanted you to be proud of me.”

Connie recalls it was Sister Maria’s “beautiful brown eyes” that helped alleviate her anxiety. “In those lonely weeks, Sister Maria checked on me often,” she recalled. “I grew to know that she would care for me. Her gentle, compassionate spirit had a huge impact on me in those developing years.”

Was one of our sisters, your rock?
Was she a teacher? A parish visitor who comforted you at a time of loss? A guide who set your feet on a forward path? Our sisters’ lives make a difference for many others, but most often they never know.

You can fix that.

Whether you encountered our sisters as a student or adult; whether they helped you or someone you love. A donation today is a great way to say thank you! It will enhance the lives of all our sisters who’ve alleviated burdens, calmed fears, and encouraged growth in the lives of many like Connie.

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