Conclusion of Month for Peace 2021

Our brothers and sisters in Venezuela share gratitude for our prayers and concern for them and all that they pray for and hope for in life.

The closing reflection is based on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.  May it be blessing for you as you pray for our Dominican family.

God’s peace be with you in the New Year.

January 2022

Praying the Rosary

We offer this moment of prayer in the mysteries of the Rosary, asking Jesus for his peace and justice for all peoples, especially for Venezuela.

In a moment of silence we ask the Lord’s forgiveness for:

- Our attitudes of injustice and those that have not built peace in our home, in our places of study and employment, in our communities, in our country and in humanity.

- We apologize for the little care we give to creation and the environment, not welcoming it with a spirit of evangelical poverty that invites us to be grateful, to value and care for goods and to be in solidarity with those most in need.

- Also because of our indifference to those who suffer and live the cross of social injustice and to the world that is exhausted and extinguished, before our passive gaze.

(A short time of silence)


We contemplate the joyful mysteries

First mystery: The incarnation of the Son of God.
In the first mystery, we have in mind the poorest and most excluded from society, so many families who suffer the hard time of being pushed into poverty, by structures of social injustice, where there seems to be no space for sharing, May we all experience an encounter with Jesus of Nazareth and from fraternity; may He be our hope for a life in justice.

(After announcing each mystery pray 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and 1 Glory Be)


Second mystery: The visit of the Virgin Mary to her cousin Saint Elizabeth.

In the second mystery, we have in mind all the people who are condemned and persecuted through injustice. As we welcome Jesus of Nazareth and his message into our lives, let us hasten the step to serve the brothers in the fight for justice.



Third mystery: The birth of the Son of God in Bethlehem.
In the third mystery, we have in mind the people who are subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment and torture, in environments that range from the home to the structures of power and governments. May God with us strengthen us in respect for others, in caring for their rights and freedom.


Fourth mystery: The presentation in the temple
In the fourth mystery, we have in mind so many people who live difficult situations, of suffering, in which they discover themselves in an opaque life, without hope such as:

- Those who are ill, especially due to COVID 19, and who are without vital resources, which are denied due to injustice.
- Those who have been forced to migrate.
- Those who must cope with the lack of vital services such as water, electricity, transportation, communication services, among others.
- Those whose homes are destroyed and those who bear the weight of loneliness and the absence of loved ones.
- Children and young people forced to drop out of school and university.
- Those who suffer the weight of totalitarian and corrupt governments that have taken power for themselves and not to serve the citizens.
- Those who suffer the cruelty and irrationality of war.

May God give us the grace to recognize Him as the Way and the Light, to live as children of a Father who loves all humanity in brotherly love, light, life.

Fifth mystery: The child Jesus lost and found in the temple
In the fifth mystery we have in mind all those who give their lives out of love in the service of others, in the promotion and defense of human rights, in the construction of justice, peace and the care of the environment.

We especially pray for the mission of justice and peace in the Order of Preachers and ask for fidelity to the vocation of each brother and sister of the Order.
We pray to the Lord for the moments in which the grace of God's love finds us and encourages us on the path of manifesting among us the Kingdom of the God, Kingdom of love and justice.

May the Dominican justice and peace projects be guided by the Grace of the Holy Spirit and promoted by each community.

You can download a PDF copy of the reflection below.

Information provided by the Justice and Peace team of the Dominican Family in Venezuela.

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