Sister Mila Diaz Solano

Sister Mila Diaz

Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Maternal Face of God

No concept, no image, no language can contain everything about God. In the Church we are used to thinking of God as Father. Nevertheless, human language will always be limited. We highlight the paternal image that Jesus communicated to us in the Lord’s Prayer, but there are also maternal images of God in the Bible. […]

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What is Pachamama?

Peruvian Dominican theologian Sister Mila Diaz Solano provides a bridge for understanding I was born Catholic, my parents are Catholic, my grandparents, and great-grant parents were Catholics as well. I grew up in very Christian, committed family and before I joined my Dominican sisters, I was an active parishioner in my hometown city, La Oroya,

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Solidarity in Mississippi

About the photo: Sister Georgiana Stubner, center, and Sister Anita Cleary, right, visit after the prayer vigil in Forest, Miss., Saturday, August 17. Sister Mila Diaz Solano, a member of the Springfield Dominican Leadership team, organized a delegation of Springfield Dominican Sisters who traveled to Mississippi over the weekend to be in solidarity with the

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