Ash Wednesday Inspirational Quotes

AshWednesdayCollage“Pro Jesus!” ~ Sr. Ann Regina Baker, OP

Sister Bernice Juip, OP reminds us: “Don’t put on a gloomy face when you get the ashes!”

“Cuaresma, nuestra oportunidad para profundizar en el Sagrado Misterio.” ~ Hermana Mila Díaz Solano, OP (Lent, our opportunity to go deeper into the Sacred Mystery.)

“Lent – remembering to live life graciously, that is, with grace.” ~ Sr. Marcelline Koch, OP

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  1. An Amazing collection you have got here! Motivation is something that should push you up every time you fall and remind you that goals are only things that are permanent whereas failures will come and go. If you decide to overcome every hurdle you will inevitably taste victory. Tuned in for more such inspirational stuff!

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