Dominican Month for Peace

Join us for the fifth annual Dominican Global Month for Peace.


This year, we pray with and for our Dominican Sisters and Brothers in Venezuela in support of their efforts to ensure a better life for all Venezuelans by offering solidarity and hospitality.


Venezuela and the Dreams of the People

A Challenge to Build

The Dominican Month for Peace reaches its fifth edition. After joining forces to accompany and help the Dominican family in Colombia (2017), Democratic Republic of Congo (2018), India (2019) and Ukraine (2020), it is the turn of Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves on the planet, but which for more than two decades has been going through the greatest political, social and economic crisis in its history.

For the Dominican family in Venezuela. It is a challenge to be able to convey to the whole world the complex reality that is being experienced in this South American country and that has its origin in the destruction of democracy as a system of government and a way of life.

Democracy is considered a form of government that empowers citizens to control their rulers. In the Venezuelan case, democracy was established since 1958, functioning without interruptions for around 40 years, today it is discussed at what moment we lost it (it was in 1998, or in 2006, some say in 2013 and even in 2016); in any case, analyzing the recent history of Venezuela, In 1998 with the election of Hugo Chávez as President of the Republic, a different democratic process began, known as participatory and proactive democracy.

This process consisted of re-founding and modernizing democracy through the change of the constitution, which took place in 1999 and is still in use today.

Democracy, in the Venezuelan case, was understood as the Welfare State, which a government should support through state measures to improve the standard of living and quality of life of the population, in addition to the voting in elections to determine the legality-legitimacy of such government; this vision was dismantled with the deterioration of the quality of life that the Chavista government caused to the country, which led to the understanding that there are many factor that must be taken care of for there to be a real democracy, such as: Rule of law, transparent elections and political parties, human rights, freedom, among others.

Conclusion of Month for Peace 2021

By Website Administrator | January 3, 2022

Our brothers and sisters in Venezuela share gratitude for our prayers and concern for them and all that they pray for and hope for in life. The closing reflection is based on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.  May it be blessing for you as you pray for our Dominican family. God’s peace be with …

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Human Rights: Month for Peace 2021

By Website Administrator | December 15, 2021

In Venezuela, human rights were part of the Venezuelan democratic legislation, although their compliance was questionable, particularly during the social explosion of 1989 known as “Caracazo”. The current Constitution recognizes, expands and elevates them. However, there are cases where it has become evident that these have been violated. The right to life, to food, to …

Human Rights: Month for Peace 2021 Read More »

Elections & Political Parties: Month for Peace 2021

By Website Administrator | December 8, 2021

Voting has been the democratic form par excellence used by citizens to settle political conflicts. The people understood that voting in elections was the most important component of what Democracy means, although elections are not enough for the preservation of Democracy, as sometimes voting does not necessarily mean electing. In a democracy, all members of …

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Rule of Law: Month for Peace 2021

By Website Administrator | November 29, 2021

Rule of Law refers to the State governed by laws and other legal norms, where the authorities are accountable. In Venezuela, according to the 1999 Constitution, Article 2 Venezuela constitutes itself as a Democratic and Social State of Law and Justice, which holds as superior values of its legal order and actions those of life, …

Rule of Law: Month for Peace 2021 Read More »

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Dominican Global Months for Peace 2017-Present

2017: Solidarity with Dominicans promoting the national Peace Accord in Colombia.

2018: Support for our Dominican brothers and sisters struggling for democracy and peace through credible elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2019: Support for our Dominican brothers and sisters in India working alongside abused and violated children, women, and indigenous people in their yearnings for peace and recognition.

2020: Support for our Dominican Sisters and Brothers in Ukraine in recognition of their work for peace and reconciliation and their commitment to assisting children traumatized by war.

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