One Dominican Sister, One First Grader, One Life-changing Relationship

An Update on Jesuit Student Billy Menor & His Relationship with Sister Samuella Volk, OP

Now he’s studying philosophy and sociology at St. Louis University, but in the spring of 2016 Billy Menor was on a cross-country pilgrimage with only $35 in his pocket. He travelled from San Francisco to New York and in-between stopped at—Jubilee Farm—our Eco spirituality center in Springfield.

He shared amazing stories about his month-long travel experiences as a Jesuit novice. His most interesting story is about his first grade teacher, Sister M. Samuella Volk, OP, who exhibited the joy that influenced Billy’s decision to choose a vocation in religious life.

While at Jubilee Farm, Billy shared with Sister M. Samuella and Sister Sharon Zayac his profound respect for what women religious have done for the world and how Sister Samuella shaped him as a child to revere Earth and all creation in ways that have stuck with him his whole life.

“I think ever since I had Sister Samuella in first grade there’s been a soft spot in my heart for women religious in the church and what they’ve done for the church and also the tremendous good that they’ve done for the wider world,” he said.

He also called Jubilee Farm “The perfect example of the innovative spirit and innovative ministry” of Catholic Sisters.

Watch the video to learn how Sister M. Samuella changed this young Jesuit’s life. To learn more about Billy follow his blog at the Jesuit Post.

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