The last word: Insights from Sister Norma’s family

“The thing about Sister Norma is that she is a lot of fun” 

So says her nephew Matt Grady, a what who lives where. His mother was one of the four Somers sisters:  Mary, the oldest, then Therese, Matt’s mom, then Norma and her youngest sister Gerry.  The two oldest sisters are deceased.  

These siblings had a special relationship, Matt says. “Aunt Norma, Mary, my mom, and Gerry were close to one another. I think as a consequence my siblings and I are close too. We learned from Mom and all our aunts the importance of close family ties. 

“After Mom died in 2011, we’ve made a point of seeing more of Norma,” Matt says. “My family often comes to Springfield; we pick up Aunt Gerry in Champaign; my siblings drive from St. Louis, and we meet at Red Lobster. Norma and her three sisters enjoyed each other’s company and had a lot of fun as we do with them, too.”

Matt Grady

Is it any wonder, then, that Sister Norma thrived so well in community life and found it important to support the families of her students and her Dominican Sisters? 

Is it any wonder that she shares her adventurous spirit, curious mind, and tender heart with everyone she meets? Is it any wonder that even now, well into her 90s Sister Norma’s family, her Dominican Sisters, former students and their parents still want to be in Sister Norma’s presence to soak up her compassion, her curiosity, and her fun? 

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