The Difference We Make

Our social media channels and website allow our friends to share their stories, ask questions, and speak words of encouragement for our ministry.

Often when one of our sisters dies, we learn amazing things about her from the remarks shared by people she touched throughout her life of ministry.

When we share stories on our website and social media about the way we apply the gospel concerns that face our world, we sometimes hear from those who are not appreciative, but more frequently from those who value the way we preach the Word with our lives and commitments.

Here are a few of comments and stories that have been recently offered. We share them with you as a sign that fidelity—ours, yours, and everyone’s—makes a difference in the world.

"We need you now more than ever before."

—Charlotte Rodems

"Sister M. Blaise and her calculus class really helped catapult me through my engineering degree at Notre Dame."

—Joan Rowling

"Thank you, Sisters. You are the moral leaders of our community."

—Rev. Martin Woulfe

"I was struggling with Geometry. Sister M. Alan and my mother came up with a plan to get me through that course.
She made learning fun."

—Lisa Petrilli

"I always thank God for the sisters, their dedication, their ministry, and their love for God and for the people in need."

—Phil Rodriguez

"I was held back in second grade, but with help from Sister Brendan I was able to finally learn how to read. Without her I could never have made it through school and college. I would not be running my own business today."

—Ariana Fumagalli

"Thank you, Sisters. You helped set my moral compass in the direction of Jesus' words: Whatever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me. Thank you!"

—Karen Kelly

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