Taking Flight: A Book Review

Anna Marie Kukec Tomczyk’s book We Are Eagles tells the stories of five immigrant women who launched new lives in a strange country through their dreams, drive, determination, and the support of the Dominican Literacy Center in Aurora, Ill.

Readers follow along as the author traces the women’s journeys along the developmental path of young eagles, starting with the first courageous flights away from the land of their birth to the soaring heights of independent, fruitful, and successful lives.

At the same time, she tells the story of the Dominican Literacy Center and the women who founded it, starting with the inspiration Springfield Dominican Sister Kathleen Ryan found on a lazy Sunday morning in 1993. The dream was brought to fruition sooner than she anticipated when, before she was quite ready, her first student showed up at St. Nicholas Parish in Aurora, Ill., ready to learn.

Readers will be inspired by the ability of these immigrant English language learners to rise above what challenged them. For one, it was the drive to learn English so she could read to her children and give them a better start in life. For another, it was about advancing her career and starting her own business; for another it was a courageous journey from domestic abuse to independence for herself and her daughter. Along the way, readers follow the growth of the Dominican Literacy Center from its beginnings in a church basement to a 17-classroom, 200-hundred volunteer program that has expanded to include citizenship classes for women and men.

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We Are Eagles is available now in paperback and would make a wonderful graduation or Mother’s Day gift for any woman with big dreams for her future. A portion of every copy purchased supports the vital mission of the Dominican Literacy Centers sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield.

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