“It is not safe anywhere”—Stories from the Dominican Family in Myanmar

On an early December morning in Central Illinois, 100 Dominicans from around the globe were virtually to hear from their Dominican brothers and sisters in Myanmar. By now accustomed to the standard operation of such electronic gatherings, while the speakers addressed the causes of conflict and enumerated the tragedies of displacement, mass executions, and institutional collapse in Myanmar since the military coup there in February, participants contributed in chat. As it drew on toward night in Myanmar, one of the sisters dropped this into the chat space: "so that you know, we have heard three air strikes near our convent while we've been meeting."

That was all.  Just that, while most of us on the call were safe and comfortable in our homes, our Dominican Sisters in Myanmar were experiencing the terror of bombs exploding near their convent.

To learn more about the dangerous conflict in Myanmar from  the Dominican sisters and friars living there, watch this recording of that Advent Saturday webinar.

Caution: The webinar includes depictions of violence including audio and video recordings and  frequent references to other violent actions. Not recommended for children.

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