Spring Appeal 2024: “No bottled water in my home. Period.”

“No bottled water is allowed in my home.”

Jean Ann’s daughter was dumbstruck. She grew up with bottled water in her house. She always drank bottled water. Why, now, was her mother banishing the plastic wrapped case of water she was accustomed to using?

WHAT changed? 

Kate didn’t’ know it yet, but her mother had fallen under the eco influence of the Dominican Sisters.

You can learn the rest of Jean Ann’s and Kate’s story in a minute, but first know that your gift to our spring appeal will have a great impact as we continue our efforts to educate and lead by example about the simple choices we make every day that can have a profound impact on the life and health of Earth, our common home. 


We are so grateful! Now hear from Jean Ann herself about what caused her to not buy bottled water. 

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