What You Can Do

What you can do

Help our brothers and sisters in India who are promoting peace and an end to violence and exploitation against children, women and indigenous (tribal) communities.

  1. Pray each day for the Dominican Family in India and for the people who suffer and those who work to alleviate their pain, especially:*For women and the wisdom, courage, and strength they need to challenge violence and exploitation.
    *For those who have been trafficked in the past, that they find healing and new life in the days to come.
  2. Join us at Sacred Heart Convent Chapel on December 8 at 6 pm for Evening Prayer with preaching by Sister Sharon Zayac, OP.
  3. Learn more about India, its history, its people, and life in India today.
  4. Share what you learn with others.
  5. Watch the Video Children for Sale: The Fight Against Child Trafficking in India. According to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyrthi, more than $150 billion is earned annually in human trafficking. Over half of those trafficked are children.
  6. Watch "Girls' adoption and the role of women in Indian Society." Learn from Indian-born adoptee Jenna Skove about why India is the most dangerous place to be born a girl.
  7. Read about the challenges facing India's aboriginal people.

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