Sisters for the Life of the World

Image from DCI Teamwork event in Houston, TX in 2019.

People who know us well say that we Springfield Dominican Sisters are effective ministers and powerful pray-ers, hospitable and down-to-earth folks. They see us as leaders in places where God’s people are alive and thriving. We have a broad reach across Illinois, the lower 48 states, and in the peaks and valleys of Peru. With us, you and other like-minded women have the opportunity to live out your dreams in ways that can change the world.

Would you like to help spread the good news?

There is lots of curiosity about the life of Catholic sisters. You can help satisfy that curiosity and help create a culture of vocations in the church that makes it possible for more women to say yes to God's call.

Want to know more?

The easiest way to learn more about religious life and the life of the Springfield Dominican Sisters is to talk with a Dominican Sister. We are now able to offer this as a virtual service. Through the power of technology, you can have a sister join your parish group or civic organization for a virtual visit and conversation about religious life.

Complete the contact form below to arrange for a virtual visit from a Springfield Dominican Sister, or peruse this Vocation Brochure from the Association of St. Louis Vocation Directors here for more information about congregations that serve in the greater St. Louis, Mo., area.

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Sisters for the Life of the World?

Fill out the form below to be put in touch with Sister Denise Glasik, OP, Director of Vocations.

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If you love God and God’s people, and are attracted—even a little bit—to finding yourself by losing yourself in service to the gospel, then be in touch with us!

Why not give God the opportunity to prove you wrong? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! There is a place for you as a Springfield Dominican Sister.

  • You have a gift.
  • You have an opportunity to share your gift as a woman in the Catholic Church in ways you may have thought were not possible.
  • You can be an anchor for others’ faith.
  • You can be the connection to God for people who need God in their lives.
  • You can be the bond of relationship so deeply needed to manifest God’s Heaven-on-Earth today.
  • You can be your best self, your most authentic self, as a Springfield Dominican Sister.

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