Sister Mary Harold Herrmann, OP

Sister M. Harold celebrates 60 years of religious profession in 2020.

Sister Mary Harold gave the first 25 years of religious profession to elementary education, teaching and administering schools—sometimes at the same time!

During her year in Granite City, she undertook the important task of helping to merge two parochial elementary schools. The next 11 years of ministry were dedicated to older students. She taught math and science at Sacred Heart-Griffin in Springfield, Ill.

In 1995 she was among the congregational pioneers who choose to accompany people in impoverished neighborhoods, spending five years walking with people who resided on Springfield’s east side and in Venice, Ill. In 2000 she moved to Sacred Heart Convent, providing valuable assistance in the finance office and supporting other administrative needs. She now serves in a ministry of prayer.

Sister M. Harold was born in Hampshire, Ill., to Harold and Cora Hermann, who are deceased. Her living siblings include Stanley Hermann, Belvidere, Ill. and Donna Zoellner, St. Charles, Ill.; and her stepsisters Bess Andersen, Sycamore, Ill.; and Lydia Johnson, Davis, Ill.

Sister M. Harold’s Ministry Assignments

1960-1964          Holy Cross, Mendota, Ill., Grades 1-2
1964-1969          Our Lady of Lourdes, Decatur, Ill., Grade 1
1969-1970          St. Mary, East Moline, Ill., Grade 7
1975-1977          St. Lawrence O’Toole, Matteson, Ill., Grades 7-8
1977-1978          St. Joseph, Granite City, Ill., Grades 7-8, principal
1978-1984          St. Norbert, Hardin, Ill., Grades 5-8, principal
1984-1995          Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield, Ill., Math, science, remedial
1995-1999          St. Dominic’s Springfield, Ill., Ministry of presence
1999-2000          St. Mark, Venice, Ill., Ministry of presence
2000-2013          Sacred Heart Convent, Springfield, Ill., Finance office
2013-Presence   Sacred Heart Convent, Springfield, Ill., Ministry of prayer


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