Sister Martha Carmody:
Ministry by Snail Mail

Sister Martha Carmody has been a Springfield Dominican Sister since 2000. She taught elementary school students for many years, and still has a heart for children, often welcoming them to activities at Sacred Heart Convent (as above). She is now the life enrichment coordinator at Sacred Heart Convent and frequently works as a receptionist there. If you ask nicely, she may share some of her pre-convent adventures as an EMT in Calhoun County, Illinois.

I love to write and correspond with people. Snail mail is my preferred way of letting others know that I am thinking of them, praying for them, and sending best wishes.

I write to let others know I care, that I am thinking of them, that I am praying for them and their intentions, that I wish them improved health, a solution to a tricky or touchy situation, to let them know they are not alone.

I write to thank people for something they have done for me or someone else, to congratulate them on a job well done, to encourage them in a new venture, to bolster sagging spirits. I send birthday, anniversary, and feast day wishes.

I receive many return messages of thanks for the card, the thought, the encouragement. Their return communication affirms me in what I do and why I do it. As long as I am able I hope to keep writing, keep in touch.

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