Sister M. Alberta Juggles Techno wizardry, Ministry, and Family Care

Above: Sister M. Alberta, left, and her sister, Sister M. Rene, who died in 2016.

Listen carefully and you will hear Sister M. Alberta mention the reason she asked to move from her ministry as principal at Alleman High School in Rock Island, Ill., closer to her family in Morgan County. She mentions her sister, Marianne, who was as that time raising teenagers and caring for their aging parents. The move would allow her to be close enough to home to provide support for her family even as she maintained a busy life of ministry. Often our sisters’ lives, much like your own, involved multitasking efforts on both the ministerial and home fronts.

Sister Alberta began her ministry as registrar and computer coordinator at Sacred Heart Academy in 1987 and was present to help the school transition to Sacred Heart-Griffin during the merger of the schools in 1988.
Though fewer of our sisters now minister in the high schools we sponsor, Sister Alberta is one of them. The nonagenarian still helps out in the mission advancement office at SHG several times a week!
To support Sister M. Alberta and all our sisters who are still living their fullest lives well into their nineties, please consider a gift this Christmas.
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