6 thoughts on “Sister Jean Patrick Talks About Rosary-Making”

  1. I am interested in purchasing one of your rosaries. My aunts used to visit the Dominican Monastery in Elmira, NY and my aunts gave me and my sisters rosaries the nuns made
    I would like to know if you also make rosaries.


    1. Aaron Tebrinke

      Jean, please send us a general inquiry message on our contact us page (https://springfieldop.org/contact/) and we will have Sister Jean Patrick send you a rosary. Be sure tell us the address in the message so we know were to send the rosary. It is a private message area–your message and address will not be shared. God bless you and have a great day!

  2. I would like to purchase a rosary for my husband,made by Sister Jean Patrick,who was my former teacher at St. Joseph Catholic Grade School in Bradley ,Illinois.

    Thank You,
    MaDonna M. Zasada(Mazzuchi)

  3. Hello sister jean marie.you will never quess who this is.my name is Catherine m crunk.the one that was pretty short.and always had to stay after class..lol I seen your vedio about making roserys,I hope you remember me ,and another thing 6 years ago I seen a angel behind the clouds I couldn’t believe it .it was a blessing.god sent his messenger.i really do feel blessed.please write or call I’m in mesa az right now my cell phone number is 480 737 9779.it would be great to hear you.love Catherine m crunk.god bless 🙌. 🙏❤⚘☎️

  4. Hi this is Catherine crunk. Good morning ❤ I need more info on the unum village.thank you very much .God bless you.🙏🫂✨.

  5. Hi my name is Catherine crunk.and I need people to pray🙏very hard,because my friend gloria has been missing almost two and a half months.i know when alot of people pray God hears us.🙏⚘God bless

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