Sister Anne Lawrence Buchmiller, OP

Sister Anne Lawrence celebrates 60 years of religious profession in 2020.

Sister Anne Lawrence was born in the south-central Illinois community of Greenville, and spent the greater part of her 60 years of religious profession educating children in Central Illinois. Her early years were spent in elementary schools. She taught most grades at one time or another, K-8, often taught music, and was principal at Little Flower School, Springfield, and at Sacred Heart Granite City, Ill.

She studied history and political science and in 1978 made the shift to secondary education, teaching at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights and at Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield, where she brought her educational ministry to a conclusion as a beloved and patient tutor, in 2019. She now ministers in community service, overseeing supply distribution and filling in as organist for community prayer.

Sister Anne Lawrence was named Constance June by her parents, Stella and Erwin Buchmiller, who are deceased. Her brother Gregory is deceased. She has two living siblings, Marylin McDevitt, Highland, Ill., and Karen Rossi, Decatur, Ill.

Sister Anne Lawrence’s Ministry Assignments

1960-1961          St Bernadette, Evergreen Park, Ill., Grade 1
1961-1962          Sacred Heart, Granite City, Ill., Grades 1-2, music
1962-1966          St Bernadette, Evergreen Park, Ill., Grade 1
1966-1968          Christ the King, Springfield, Ill., Kindergarten
1968-1969          St Mary, Paris, Ill., Grades 4-5, music
1969-1970          St Frances Cabrini, Springfield, Ill., Grade 7, music
1970-1971          St Peter, Aurora, Ill., Grades 5-6, music
1971-1977          Little Flower, Springfield, Ill., Principal
1977-1978          Sacred Heart, Granite City, Ill., Principal, Grade 8, music
1978-1993          Marian Catholic, Chicago, Heights, Ill., History & government
1993-2019          Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield, Ill., History, finance office, tutor
2019-Present      Sacred Heart Convent, Springfield, Ill., Supply manager


5 thoughts on “Sister Anne Lawrence Buchmiller, OP”

  1. Marylin McDevitt

    Dear Sr. Anne:
    As sisters growing up, we played together. As Dominicans, we pray together.
    It was your influence and the influence of so many of the sisters that I met when visiting you at Springfield, and other missions, that gave me the grace to become a Dominican Associate in 1998. Sr. Mary Leonard was so joyous and so prayerful each time we visited with her. The group of sisters that came to the meetings at Holy Family Parish in Granite City as I prepared to make my commitment were so encouraging and supporting. All the sisters that greeted me each time I visited/stayed were/are an inspiration to me. I have been blessed by your prayers and those of all the sisters that I have met over the years. Thank you! Love, Marylin

  2. Congratulations on your achievement of 60 years of service with the Dominican Sisters! You have taught many students to live in the way of the Lord and the way of the Dominicans. You have been wonderful influence for good for the many people you have met along the way. God bless you!

  3. Dear Sr. Anne,
    I shall always remember your kindness to me when I was with the library staff.
    Congratulations on your Jubilee and may you have many more years of kindness to share with others.
    Judy Casper

  4. Lawrence J Kale

    Sr. Anne , I was a student from 78 to 82 at Marion Catholic high School. Marion Catholic was not a pleasant experience for me as a student. You were one of the only teachers that showed me kindness. Even though I was raised in a Catholic household. I made my first communion freshman year at Marion Catholic. You gave me a gift of a cross on a chain. It was the only acknowledgment from anyone that I knew .including my immediate family of my first communion. That act of kindness showed me that in my world of uncertainty. One kind act could make a change in another’s perspective. You were also my history teacher and I enjoyed every class I attended with you. You may not remember your act of kindness to me. it is something that I will never forget. I myself try my best to do a small gesture of kindness to those around me. I was blessed to have you enter my life.

    1. Sister Elizabeth Murphy
      Sister Beth Murphy, OP

      Lawrence, thank you for sharing your poignant memories. We will make sure that Sister Anne Lawrence sees it.

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