Rule of Law: Month for Peace 2021

Rule of Law refers to the State governed by laws and other legal norms, where the authorities are accountable. In Venezuela, according to the 1999 Constitution, Article 2 Venezuela constitutes itself as a Democratic and Social State of Law and Justice, which holds as superior values of its legal order and actions those of life, liberty, justice, equality, solidarity, democracy, social responsibility and, in general, the preeminence of human rights, ethics and political pluralism.

Today, the rule of law has become a failed state incapable of having a single government that is accepted by society and the world, and unable to control its territory.

This is due to the fact that arbitrariness, illegality and illegitimacy prevail in the state institutions, breaking the Rule of Law that allowed access to justice for everyone.

Information provided by the Justice and Peace team of the Dominican Family in Venezuela.

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