Nonstop Mission

Dear Friends,

Responding to the needs of the times is a constant mantra for us. AND, we know we can only respond to the extent we work in partnership with others.

We could not begin to create change in the world without our
s who share in our ministries, associates who answer God’s call in their lives, and our Partners in Mission, who serve this mission from God through prayerful support and financial assistance.

In these first few years of my ministry growing our Mission Advancement Office, I’ve witnessed with gratitude the generosity of donors who consistently rise to the occasion to fulfill God’s mission!

Thank you for your response to God's mission. We are grateful and keep you in our daily prayer.

Sister Kathleen Anne Tait, OP
Director of Mission Advancement


Medical Expenses

A gift will defray medical expenses for our sisters on mission.

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Safety First!

A gift will help purchase two walk-in bathtubs to provide safety and independence for the sisters at Sacred Heart Convent.

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Necessary Repairs

A gift will hlep make necessary repairs for convents we own.

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Our Mission in Aurora, Ill.


1 City
2 Convents
11 Sisters
Thousands served!


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Check back often to our website blog to keep up with the many ways we respond to God's nonstop mission for the world!


Meet Tom

Tom was one of the first to become a monthly donor. He appreciates the education he received from our sisters and he’s grateful for their continuous service to families in the Chicago area. “After all the sisters have done for me, I want to support their efforts to help others,” Tom frequently tells me. His continuous support fulfills God’s mission by augmenting salaries of sisters serving in places no one else wants to venture.

Meet Kathleen

The ministry of our sisters accompanying people in Jarpa, Peru, are near and dear to Kathleen’s heart. Her donations fulfill God’s mission of faith development among the indigenous people of Peru,—making the Gospel available in 40 mountain villages in this remote corner of the Andes.

Meet Tina

Tina is a among the first graduates of Christ the King school in Springfield. Sheand was strongly influenced by our sisters who taught er there and at Sacred Heart Academy. She learned early on how caring for and respecting one another is integral to Jesus’s message for all peoples. Now she serves God’s mission continually through her support of our elder sisters.

Your Gift Helps!

It helps Springfield Dominican Sisters serving in urban centers like Aurora and smaller communities like Carterville, Ill. It helps meet urgent needs among the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota, and within the pueblos jovenes in Lima, Peru. Your continued support helps us respond to the world’s non-stop needs.

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Abundance Abounds

Sister M. Paulette and Sister Sara are an amazing team—educating children and adults in the faith, reaching out to elderly and ill members of the parish with phone calls and visits, providing a steady presence at St. Malachy Parish, Rantoul, Ill., where 103 of our sisters have served for 105 years.

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Thank you!

God needs all of us to respond to the nonstop needs of the world. Your gift to Dominican Sisters is one way you respond to God's mission. We are honored to share God’s mission with you! Thank you for fulfilling God’s mission with us! We hold you in our daily prayer.

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