Nonstop Mission: Dominican Literacy Center, Aurora, Ill.

  • An empty church basement.
  • A dusty card table.
  • Two rickety folding chairs.
  • A 75-year-old woman determined to sing in English at church on Sunday.
That's what God’s Nonstop Mission looked like to Sister Kathleen Ryan 25-years ago when she established the Dominican Literacy Center in Aurora, Ill.
Twenty-five years later, with the assistance of many Springfield Dominican Sisters and hundreds of volunteers, 2,800 women have learned to read, write, and speak English. Hundreds of legal residents from five continents have accomplished US citizenship with the help of classes taught by the center's staff.
 You can read more here about Sister Kathleen Ryan and the other sisters who minister non-stop to help immigrants acclimate and contribute to the building up of the beauty and diversity of the US.
Your gift to the Dominican Sisters of Springfield keeps our sisters physically healthy and spiritually grounded for the nonstop mission of the Gospel as they give their lives in service to the people in places like Aurora, Chicago and Springfield, or smaller communities like Carterville, Ill., and Oglala, South Dakota.
Your gift makes a difference.
Join our Nonstop Mission! Make a gift today.
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