Living Hope Testimonial: A Box of Senior Photos

Living Hope Testimonials about the impact Sister Regina Marie had on her students have been coming in over the past few weeks and we're beyond excited to share them with you! This week's comes from Michelle Londrigan.

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Sister Regina Marie with Michelle Londrigan

If you are lucky, you have a teacher or mentor that holds a special place in your heart.  Mine is Sister Regina Marie.

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I was one of her art students at SHA from 1982 – 1986. As a teacher, she was a kind, patient, and of course, an amazing artist.  As a spiritual mentor, I observed her peacefulness and faith in God’s plan. It impacts me to this day. I have wonderful memories from my time as her student. 

Her class projects were my favorite as some were fun and others challenged me and taught me to persevere.  During Christmas she would ask for volunteers to help organize gifts for the elderly in a local nursing home. Her students would always go above and beyond to help her mission.

After my graduation, Sister Regina Marie had a new assignment, and I moved to the west coast.  Many years later, I moved back to Springfield and we reconnected.  Upon my first visit back to the motherhouse, she met me in the hall, and she was holding my senior picture with a smile.  I could not believe she still had my picture!

Sister Regina Marie kept the pictures that were given to her throughout the years in a small box.  Every day she takes the top picture out and prays for that student.  How wonderful to know that she held us in prayer all those years. 

Michelle Londrigan's daughter with SIster Regina MarieMy daughter graduated from SHG in 2018 and joins me on visits when she is in town.  We enjoy hearing stories about Sister Regina Marie’s love of teaching art therapy at the women’s prison and just catching up in general.  Sister Regina Marie never lets us leave empty handed as she gifts us with a personal sketch and a beautiful reflection. 

Today we correspond by letter until safer times for visits and I always let her know when a family member is going in for surgery or special prayers are needed.  Sister Regina Marie has always been that special light in my life.  Upon every visit or letter, she reminds me to trust in God’s plan.  Knowing she is praying for us and the world during these turbulent times, brings me peace and hope.  

Michelle Londrigan

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