Learning about our common home at Jubilee Farm

The peak seasonal colors of the maples, oaks, and tulip trees at Jubilee Farm provided a vivid backdrop for members of the Illinois Environmental Council who recently visited the ecology and spirituality center sponsored by the Springfield Dominicans.

Members of the IEC explored the 164-acre center to learn about the programs that Jubilee Farm offers to promote an understanding of humans’ relationship with Eart

Staff members of the Illinois Environmental Council visited Jubilee Farm. From left: Max Touchette, Eliot Clay, Ariel Hampton and Aiden Meyer.

h. And learn how to live more sustainably on our home planet.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed by two curious alpacas, an inquisitive llama, and a handful of chickens who share the land with the Dominican Sisters who also live there.

Sister Sharon Zayac explained the philosophy of Jubilee Farm.

“We strive to live a sustainable lifestyle, and believe in respecting our common home,” she said.

For first-time visitors the ministry was inspiring.

IEC staff members Max Touchette and Ariel Hampton shared their thoughts on their visit to the farm.

“All of the trees right now…- it is simply lovely,” said Touchette with a grin.

“I was happy to hear they have a wetland,” said Hampton.

Blake Andonov, who inquired about the visit after meeting Sister Sharon at a Faith in Place function, said he admired the peaceful setting the farm offers to all who visit.

“I love how beautiful it is out here. You can tell [the sisters] are committed to their ministry by looking at how they care for the property,” said Blake.

Sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, Jubilee Farm is a beautiful and accessible retreat into nature on the west edge of Springfield. To learn more about all that Jubilee Farm offers, including hiking, crafts for kids and adults, and rental space, visit https://jubileefarm.info/.

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