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Cor Unum is for women in early adulthood who desire to deepen their spiritual lives, be of service, and make change for a better world.

Cor Unum House

Cor Unum House is a residence in one of Springfield's most dynamic and historic neighborhoods, Enos Park.

We are ready to welcome as many as three women in early adulthood who want to experience more deeply the transformative power of an intentional life of simplicity, prayer, and service.

Cor Unum House residents commit to a minimum 9-month residency (renewable for up to three years). Along side the Dominican Sisters, they explore together and with the women of Cor Unum Village, the power and meaning of the ancient Dominican values of prayer, study, preaching (service) and common life (you might know this as intentional community).

Cor Unum Village

Cor Unum Village is a community of women who live close enough to Springfield, Ill., to be a source of friendship and support for one another and for neighbors near and far. Participants in Cor Unum Village shape the “village” by sharing their gifts, skills, and creativity through their relationships with the Dominican Sisters and other Cor Unum women. We accompany one another while we reflect on the meaning of our lives in relationship to God, one another, and our neighbors.

Cor Unum Planet

Planet members can live anywhere in the world! We connect with one another across the miles via the internet and seek ways to support one another.

How to join

Show up.

Come be with us. You belong to Cor Unum because you want to belong. Period. All you need is the desire to be present with and to women like yourself who are looking for a meaningful, fulfilling, and mutually enriching experience of community in solidarity with people whom others may overlook. There are no fees, no requirements, no expectations.


What Cor Unum looks like depends entirely on the creative energies of participants. You will make it what it will be.


One great thing about Cor Unum is its value as a “collaboratory” for leaders—women who want to be change-leaders for a better world. You will have plenty of space for developing your skills as a leader of a new world.

How to become a resident of Cor Unum House

Cor Unum House is a gorgeous, restored American Four Square built in 1905. There is room for three women who are looking for an intentional community living arrangement to join the three sisters who live here.

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