Happy Easter from the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois

Easter Message from Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois

Dear Friends,

Do we believe?
Can we hope?
Is this real?

Today, on this Easter Sunday, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. But this is far more than a ritual of remembrance! Today, let us lift our voices in faith crying out, “YES, Christ is alive!”

Through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, we are the body of Christ allowing Love to flow into every moment of joy and suffering.

We are a new creation gifted with the task of being the message that Christ is truly with us in every aspect of our daily loving and living.

On behalf of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, I pray you will accept the grace of Christ’s peace, joy, and beauty within and around you, sharing it with all those in need of resurrection faith.

Easter blessings,
Sister Rebecca Ann Gemma, OP


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter from the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois”

  1. Vernon J Arseneau

    Thank you. Easter wishes from me in gratitude for all the years of my connection with so many Springfield Sisters.
    Vern Arseneau
    St. Joseph, Bradley

  2. Mary McCann Sanchez

    I thank this group of beautiful women for their heart-touching photos and messages of hope. Happy Easter, Mary McCann

  3. Thank you, Sister! Happy Easter+! I am the 2nd cousin to Sr. Stephanie+ and Sr. Bernadine+ (my confirmation name). May the Risen Lord+ shower you and all the Dominican Sisters with abundant grace and blessings. Hugs, Sue Ann Koniak 🙂

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