Grieving at Christmastime? That’s okay.

Grief is part of life, but when we grieve while it seems the world is rejoicing, the pain and loneliness can seem that much more acute. Here are three ways to help get yourself or a loved one through a sad time at Christmastime.

  1. Go low key.
    If you don’t feel like a Christmas season with all the trimmings, that is okay, too. Do what you can do, or want to do, to honor the season. Don’t worry about living up to anyone else’s expectations.
  2. Don’t pretend everything is normal.
    It’s not. Do what you need to do to: share stories of your loved one, pull out some photos to reminisce, talk with a friend or family member about what you miss the most about your loved one. It’s okay to cry.
  3. Remember the love.
    Grief can be complicated if we’ve had a complicated relationship with the deceased loved one. If you can, remember a time when the love existed. Thank God for that love and ask God to bring healing to your memories.

Whoever or whatever you are grieving this time of year, know that our sisters are holding you in prayer. If you’d like to request a special prayer of us, you can use the form below.

God bless you and your loved ones.

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