"I was good because I wanted you to be proud"

Sister Maria Eck enjoys surprise visit from a student she hasn't seen in 50 years

"I was only good because I wanted you to be proud of me."

These words were spoken this morning to Sister Maria Eck by her former student Connie Hannagan-Lind, SHA class of 1967, during their first encounter in 50 years.

Connie boarded at Sacred Heart Academy during troubled teenage years after her mother died. She credits Sister Maria with setting her on a successful path in life. She and her husband are proud parents of two children and grandparents of toddler twins.

Dominican influence has followed her her entire life, Connie says. She lives in Jackson, Miss. and worked as a labor and delivery nurse at St. Dominic's hospital 1995-2005.

Thanks, Connie, for allowing us to share your story, a poignant reminder of why we do what we do everyday.

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