Frank Ramirez: Bearer of the Flame

Frank Ramirez, seen here with his sister, Springfield Dominican Sister Elyse Marie Ramirez, converted what could have been a one-time Giving Tuesday donation into monthly gift. “It’s a time in my life when I can start to give back,” he explained.

Frank, a retired employee of Public Works for the city of Springfield, Ill., has an inside track on all things Springfield Dominican. His sister, Sister Elyse Marie Ramirez, has been a member of the congregation for more than 30 years. They were taught by Springfield Dominicans at St. Francis Cabrini parish in Springfield.

For Frank and many others who choose the monthly donor program Bearers of the Flame, it’s a convenient and satisfying way to give. “It helps me follow through on my commitment to to the values and ministry of the sisters,” he says. “And it gives me joy to be able to help care for the sisters who gave me so much during my growing-up years.”

The monthly giving program is a win-win for the sisters and for him, Frank says, because it helps both with financial planning. “There’s also a bonus,” Frank says. “I’m welcomed to Sacred Heart Convent annually for Mass and brunch with the sisters.”

Two Ways to Become a “Bearer of the Flame”

  1. Click the donate button on the website and use your credit card to set up a re-occurring donation.
  2. Using on-line banking, set up a monthly check to be sent to the Dominican Sisters of Springfield.

Our Friends are the Best!

We are blessed with many kind, dedicated friends like Frank Ramirez who freely share their stories about why they've decided to become partners in the Springfield Dominican Mission to preach the gospel of compassion for the life of the world. Read more stories here and come back often for new stories.

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