Dominican Sisters Launch Second Season of F.L.O.W.cast

Graduates of Dominican high schools demonstrate the value of the High School Preaching Conference.


“The whole point of being a Dominican preacher is to be the light for others.” 

“Every encounter we have is an opportunity to connect with another child of God.” 

“All things according to God’s Will.” 

This is just a small sample of the wisdom shared with listeners during the inaugural episode of season two of the Springfield Dominican Sisters’ podcast. Called F.L.O.W.cast, the title plays on the tag line the sisters use: “For the Life of the World.” 

Podcast producer Sister Beth Murphy interviewed three graduates of Springfield Dominican high schools about the impact their Dominican education and their participation in the Dominican High School Preaching program, has had on their lives in adulthood. 

Her guests are Leo Rubinkowski (Sacred Heart-Griffin ’05), Amir Ghazaleh (Marian Catholic ’17) and Elizabeth Sperlakis (Rosary ’20). 

“Leo, Amir, and Elizabeth three are really impressive. They clearly learned from and value their Dominican High School education,” Sister Beth said. “Each of them, in one way or another, said their time in leadership roles as Dominican preachers set them on the trajectory their lives are following today.” 

Listen to Releasing the Arrow: Dominican High School Preachers, at flowcastlisten.org and subscribe and follow the weekly episodes wherever you get your podcasts. 

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