Changing Seasons: Fall Tree Animation

By Website Administrator | October 13, 2014

Everything that grows on earth, Bless the Lord! The colors of the fall leaves brighten the trees around Sacred Heart Convent on a cool autumn day.

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The latest news from our Sisters in Iraq…

By Website Administrator | October 6, 2014

Dear all, Despite the crisis, fear, loss, miserable accommodations, daily worries, and the terrible reality of the unknown destiny that awaits us, we still witness the presence of God’s embrace; truly an oasis of joy and sisterhood. On the 13th of September, two of our young sisters (Muntaha and Nidaa) made their final vows in St Joseph’s Church. The celebration was wonderful and quiet, yet not without tears. We thank the Lord, and we thank our two brave […]

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Praying for our sisters in Iraq

By Website Administrator | September 10, 2014

September 9th, 2014 “A Time to give birth and time to die” Ecc 3:2 We often hear the powerful words of Ecclesiastes that remind us of the inevitability of birth and death, that these realities come upon us regardless of whether we are prepared for them or not. No doubt we must accept and embrace them, but rarely, however, do we experience them both on the same day. Yesterday at Mass, though, we did just that. We celebrated […]

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New Video! – Written On Our Hearts: 10 Words for Dominicans to Live By

By Website Administrator | September 2, 2014

Written On Our Hearts: Ten Words for Dominicans to Live By Dominican Associate Day of Reflection at Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL Sacred Heart Convent Saturday, August 23, 2014 Presented by Sister Megan McElroy, OP 1. Pregnant 2. Birthing 3. Holy Preaching 4. Dialogue 5. Paradox 6. Healing 7. Mission 8. Mercy 9. Ecclesial 10. Sanctifying Noted videos: http://ift.tt/PIraL6 http://ift.tt/1lw4xrL http://ift.tt/1sWKWj8 http://ift.tt/1lw4z2Y

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Iraqi Dominican Sisters Update August 30th 2014

By Website Administrator | September 1, 2014

Again our Iraqi Dominican Sisters call us to know their reality and raise our voices in solidarity. In the words of Catherine of Siena, patroness of the Dominican sisters in Iraq: “Cry out with a million voices for it is silence that kills the world.” August 30th 2014 Weakened and Impoverished We entered the fourth week of displacement. Yet, there is nothing promising at all. The Iraqi government has not done anything to regain the Christian towns back […]

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More news from our Sisters in Iraq… Our prayers for peace continue.

By Website Administrator | August 29, 2014

Witnesses In an earlier letter it was mentioned that one of our Dominican Sisters (Sr Hanaa) went to fetch her parents from the bank of Al-Khazir River. Receiving a call at 6:00 am on Friday morning the 22nd from her elderly parents, she learned that they were forced out of Karakosh with her blood-sister. A car drove her with her nephew from Ankawa to the last checkpoint leaving Erbil. After that they had to walk for miles to […]

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Update from Our Dominican Sisters in Iraq: August 23rd 2014

By Website Administrator | August 25, 2014

Update from Our Dominican Sisters in Iraq. Please continue to pray and call for respect for the human dignity of all people… August 23rd 2014 Dear all, We continue to share our daily struggle with you, hoping that our cry will reach the world. We are like the blind man of Jericho (Mark 10: 46-52), who had nothing to express himself, but his voice, asking Jesus for mercy. Although some people ignored his voice, others listened, and helped […]

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What you can do for Dominican Sisters in Iraq

By Website Administrator | August 18, 2014

A message from our Dominican Sisters in Iraq: Please contact your government leaders to help. August 17th, 2014 Dear all, After eleven days, it feels like we are on the same day we left. Some people are still in the streets, others are still in the parks, and some take refuge in schools. People are desperate to find a place to stay; even construction sites, unfinished buildings, private event halls, and basements are inhabited. A lot of people […]

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