A sunrise colored chalice and host above the words National Eucharistic revival

National Eucharistic pilgrimage stops at Sacred Heart Convent

By Website Administrator | June 5, 2024

Come in Faith. Leave with Hope.   In 2022 the United States Council of Catholic Bishops launched a three-year initiative to revitalize Catholic understanding of and appreciate for the Eucharist. In Mid-July, after a series of pilgrimages from all corners of the nation, a representative sample of Catholics will gather in Indianapolis for the Eucharistic Congress.   We are participating in this unique national event and invite you to join us!  Eucharistic preaching  Between early June and mid-July, we’ll […]

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Sister Margaret Mary and her companionnnn looking at a a clay bowl.

Opening Minds through Art helps sisters with dementia

By Website Administrator | June 3, 2024

Creating art is one way our sisters with dementia are keeping their minds active.   A program called Opening Minds through Art, offered by the Springfield Art Association, is helping build a bridge across age and cognitive barriers for our elderly sisters. The OMA program was developed at Scripps Gerontology Center, an Ohio Center of Excellence at Miami University, in 2007.  The program pairs trained volunteers and sisters with the goal of using imagination instead of memory with a […]

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Sister Suzanne and SIster Barbara Ann in the vegetable gardens at Sacred Heart Convent.

Spring Appeal 2024: “Thank you! for supporting our environmental efforts”

By Website Administrator | May 30, 2024

Your generosity will have an impact on our ability to be witnesses to another way, a way that can transform our world   If you get overwhelmed, as we ourselves do sometimes, with the magnitude of the challenge, how about some comfort food?  In the video we shared last week you saw how our kitchen staff and the sisters collaborate to turn vegetable waste into “black gold” compost for the garden.  You can do that, too, if you like!  […]

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Spring Appeal 2024: In spirit of ‘Laudato Si’’ Marian Catholic uses solar energy

By Website Administrator | May 28, 2024


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Spring Appeal 2024: “No bottled water in my home. Period.”

By Website Administrator | May 21, 2024

“No bottled water is allowed in my home.” Jean Ann’s daughter was dumbstruck. She grew up with bottled water in her house. She always drank bottled water. Why, now, was her mother banishing the plastic wrapped case of water she was accustomed to using? WHAT changed?  Kate didn’t’ know it yet, but her mother had fallen under the eco influence of the Dominican Sisters. You can learn the rest of Jean Ann’s and Kate’s story in a minute, […]

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Class of 2024 Dominican Associates makes commitment

By Website Administrator | May 20, 2024

Dominican Sisters welcome Associate class of 2024  Springfield, Ill. – A commitment ceremony for the 2024 Springfield Dominican Associate class was held in-person at Sacred Heart Convent Chapel on Sunday, May 19, 2024.  During the homily of the Mass Father Robert Kelly, OP, chaplain for the Dominican Sisters, thanked the associates for their commitment and reminded them to choose a lifestyle that is rooted in God.  “It was Catherine of Sienna, Rose of Lima and Martin DePorres who […]

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Spring Appeal 2024: Reducing our Carbon Footprint

By Website Administrator | May 3, 2024

There are various ways to reduce our carbon footprint and at Sacred Heart Convent we are helping the earth with smart choices. Listen as Brad Cox, Matt Pryer and Reggie Britton explain the steps they are taking to help the earth. A gift from you will go a long way to sustain our efforts to use fewer of Earth’s gifts. Donate Here

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Spring Appeal 2024: “Jubilee Farm is Caring for Earth and Caring for you”

By Website Administrator | April 25, 2024

Without clean air and water, healthy soil, and a reduction in the consumption of Earth’s gifts, Earth cannot sustain life. That is why our sisters everywhere, in the U.S. and Peru, work to reduce our carbon footprint. Sometimes our efforts don’t seem enough. But without them, change will never come. Help us with a gift that will sustain our efforts to use fewer of Earth’s gifts. Thank you for your generosity and kindness! To donate visit springfieldop.org/mission. Donate […]

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