Adjustments to COVID and Cold: News from Our Lady of the Sioux Parish

images of sunrise over the snow in Oglala, SD

In a February newsletter to friends and supporters, Sister Barbara Ann Bogenschutz reflected on the challenges of the past year since the COVID lockdown began on Pine Ridge Reservation where she is pastoral associate at Our Lady of the Sioux Parish, Oglala, SD.

“Some new healthy patterns have begun,” she said. “The vaccine does give some hope and a little more peace.” Though people have adapted well to the necessary adjustments to mitigate the spread of the virus, she says the school children are struggling the most. “Personal interaction with those outside their families are very much needed,” she wrote.

children and parents baking cookies

One way the parish is supporting the social needs of the children is with a cookie-baking project. The children are making cookies, either at home or in the parish kitchen, to be distributed with the food bags the parish provides for about 100 families each week.

A lot to give up for Lent!

Sister Barbara also included the news that she would be away from the parish for a few weeks while traveling to Virginia to donate a kidney to her nephew who has a rare kidney disease and lives in Richmond. When a friend chided, “That’s an awful lot to give up for Lent!” she reminded them that she is donating “one kidney, not two.”

Sister Barbara, accompanied by another Springfield Dominican Sister, has arrived safely to her destination and is prepared for surgery tomorrow. Please keep her and her nephew in your prayer.

“May your Lenten journey be one of peace and deepening your relationship with the Father who cares for us in every way,” she concluded. “Nicholas Black Elk, Pray for us!”

Want to know how you can help Sister Barbara and her fellow sisters across the country? Visit our How To Help page for more information on ways to become a Partner in Mission with us.

2 thoughts on “Adjustments to COVID and Cold: News from Our Lady of the Sioux Parish”

  1. Prayers for my neighbor and classmate from kindergarten through high school who was kind enough to answer in math class when Sr. Diana said “Barbara” meaning me who only answered to the short form.

  2. Love and prayers for such a generous soul. May you both be well on the way to recovery and healing.
    Coni (Constance LaBarbera, formerly at St. Joseph the Worker, Dubuque, IA)

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