A reflection on the feast of the Holy Family by Sister Mary Gael Daley, OP

reflection Sister Mary Gael Daley, OP
Aidan was 3 yrs old.

Christmas time at the mall he was intent on a train giving rides to children. His mother was with him carrying his baby brother. They were shopping together. A friendly boy on the train reached to help Aidan aboard. Away he went. Mother looking another way did not see the “getaway.”

Jesus was 12 years old.

At Passover in Jerusalem he listened to the reading of the
Haggadah, delighted in the foods, festivities and prayers. He was intent on what he was hearing. Drawn to the displayed Torah and the elders talking, he slipped into their big room. His mother and father did not see the “getaway.”

Even though Aidan knew his mother expected him to listen and obey, his intent was powerful enough to draw him away. Riding in the train was exciting.

God’s voice was so appealing, Jesus was intent on listening.
Hearing the rabbi speak, he was drawn into the conversation.

These children were guided.

Something familiar made them comfortable enough to become absorbed. Jesus had heard about his Father from his parents back at home. Being in Jerusalem in the temple captivated his heart.

Aidan’s adventure with the train ended happily with the help of others. He gave his mother a new understanding of love and people who cared.

Jesus’ adventure in the temple amazed the elders. Relieved to find him, his parents continued to ponder about him day after day.
What gets you absorbed. . . lost. . . and found?

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