A Little St. Valentine’s Day Love from Sacred Heart Convent

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For Valentine’s Day we asked two couples who work at our motherhouse to share what they most love about each other and about working with us at the convent. Their sweet replies are enough to melt your little chocolate heart!
Lisa & Dave

Lisa Grant

I love Dave’s good sense of humor! He’s a great dad for his sons.

I love my job because I love the easy-going, peaceful atmosphere at the convent. It makes it a great place to work. The sisters are always so kind.

Dave Clark

There are lots of reasons I love Lisa. She is caring, a good mother, she has a big heart, I could go on and on. How much do you need to know?

I love my job because I’m appreciated, for one. The convent is kind of like my second home, I like my coworkers, my supervisors, everything, I like everything about it. I feel like I’m actually making a difference here.

Norm Pearson

I love Cynthia because she takes such good care of me. Without her I don’t know where I’d be. My mother would tell you the same thing!

I love my job because the sisters make me feel welcome. When Sister Suzanne first hired me at Jubilee Farm she made me feel like I was a special person. That job led to this one [as a groundskeeper at Sacred Heart Convent.]

Cynthia Pearson

I love Norm because he is always stepping out on faith and he does it walking humbly with God. He loves me to infinity.

I love my job because the sisters gave me a second chance in life. It’s been 15 yeas of nothing but unconditional prayer, blessings, and love here with my family at Sacred Heart Convent.

Norm & Cynthia

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  1. I know Dave and Lisa well, I hired them both over ten years ago. Good people, great parents. So happy too see they are still at the Convent. Loving their jobs and the Sisters

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